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Commissioned by

Artistic Director

World Premiere

Viktor Plotnikov

Sonya Belousova

Festival Ballet Providence

Mihailo Djuric

November 1, 2014

Belousova’s collaboration with award winning choreographer and former Boston Ballet’s soloist Viktor Plotnikov has been described as “groundbreaking”, “a big hit” and “stunning” with Belousova composing the scores for Plotnikov’s three original ballets: Orchis, Surrogate and recently The House of Bernarda Alba performed by the remarkable ballet troupe of the Festival Ballet Providence

“Accompanied by Sonya Belousova’s techno sounding original score, this thought-provoking piece questions whether we have all become “surrogates,” unable to think and act for ourselves. Wearing tutus, three female dancers are accompanied by their male partners who move them about by grabbing hold of their ponytails...”

Motif Magazine


"Viktor Plotnikov is back with a brand-new work set to a brand-new commissioned score by Sonya Belousova. The duo worked together on FBP’s groundbreaking collaborative Orchis in 2013, and couldn’t resist the opportunity to partner again on this new ballet. Part of the inspiration for the ballet’s movements comes from a music video that Plotnikov choreographed last summer, for Boston-based band The Bynars. It’s not often that music videos feature ballet with this much skill and focus, but this one definitely hits the mark..."

Festival Ballet Providence

"Plotnikov’s premiere, with original music commissioned from Sonya Belousova, is called Surrogate, and is embellished with the modern touches this choreographer likes to draw on—a bit of mime here, a touch of hip-hip there. The women may have pink tutus and point shoes, but they have sheer black leotards under the pink and their feet splay out flat when lifted by a male dancer. They are sometimes held up by a hank of hair or dragged by one foot, adding to the marionette effect. Like an abstract video, the six dancers create shifting scenes and poses, smashing clichés with every step and stance..."

Festival Ballet Providence