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Sonya Belousova

Tom Grey


Stan Lee


Music Composed, Arranged, Produced &  Performed by

S E L E C T E D   T R A C K S

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Belousova gained millions of fans across the globe starring in the viral sensation PLAYER PIANO, produced by Marvel Comics’ Stan Lee. Belousova’s brilliant performances of her virtuosic arrangements were declared “terrific” (Forbes), “mind-blowing” (Entertainment Weekly), “galactic” (Mashable), “masterful” (MTV), "wunderkind" (Tubefilter), and have surpassed 20 million views worldwide.

“Acclaimed composer & pianist Sonya Belousova’s Player Piano video series – executive produced by none other than Stan “The Man” Lee - has a new edition and it’s a terrific composition and performance. Fans will want to listen to this on repeat”



“When she’s not writing music for plays and operas, Sonya Belousova, a wildly accomplished Russian composer and pianist, creates music videos”

The Huffington Post


“Sonya Belousova might just be an Inhuman… Musical genius”

The Mary Sue


"Sonya Belousova's 'Star Wars' Ultimate Piano Medley Is Out of This World"



“Fans will feel like they’ve grabbed a Super Star when they hear concert pianist Sonya Belousova’s latest composition”



“Awesomely unique arrangement… Masterful”



“Phenomenal music videos featuring music that was arranged and performed by composer & pianist Sonya Belousova”

Fanboy Comics


“Sonya Belousova’s medley of Star Wars songs is mind-blowing. It never sounded so good”

Entertainment Weekly


“Classical reimagining by Sonya Belousova”

USA Today


"In the case of Sonya Belousova, it seems that this piano virtuoso may have just found the sweet spot. In an impressive showing of skill, Belousova plays a series of Super Mario themes on a piano thats been aesthetically transformed into a Nintendo. The music is certainly far more accessible, if not more entertaining, than playing Liszt’s Concert Etudes on a 9-foot Steinway. Not only does Belousova give brilliant performances of these pieces, she’s also responsible for their excellent arrangements — indeed, the renowned pianist is also known for her compositional chops, and has won multiple international composition and piano competitions, including the first prize at the Rodion Shchedrin’s Piano & Composition Competition. She was also awarded the Russian Ministry of Culture Award, deemed the most prestigious Russian ward granted on the basis of exceptional talent” 

Digital Trends


“Not only is the arrangement, by Sonya Belousova amazing, but the custom pianos will leave you with your jaw dropped”

The Examiner


"Belousova is good, incredibly good!"

Movie Pilot


“Let composer Sonya Belousova warp your senses”



“Stop everything and listen to this NOW… Incredible”



“Sonya Belousova is one of today’s most accomplished young composers and pianists… She charmed us”



“Wunderkind Sonya Belousova”



“Piano Virtuoso… Russian-born composer & pianist Sonya Belousova shows off her more whimsical side… Not only does Belousova give brilliant performances, she’s also responsible for excellent arrangements”

Digital Trends


“Sonya Belousova’s latest masterpiece… The music is the real star”

The Mary Sue


“Sonya Belousova’s arrangement stands out as truly unique”



“Just Belousova's talent alone, without the whole production side of things, is worth it”



“Spectacular” might often be used online to attract the eye of readers, but in this case, the word is truly appropriate"

Geeks Are Sexy


“Composer & pianist Sonya Belousova always puts her own style into the piece, and well, its’ pretty incredible. Listen for yourself”

Making Music


“Stunning original arrangements”

The Daily Dot


“Belousova flawlessly mimics an entire orchestra with just two hands and her piano keys as she plays her beautiful, original arrangements”

The Mary Sue


“Dramatically intriguing, musically electrifying Player Piano… Sensation”

The MusicNotes